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As a dog lover and owner all my life, the part I didn't like when walking my dogs is carrying a bag of fresh dog poop. My dogs always would poop at the furthest point away from a trash can. So, there I would be walking with a flimsy bag of warm, messy dog poop. Carrying a bag of dog poop is neither attractive, hygienic  or fun. 
    I started talking to everyone I saw walking a dog and asked them what they do when their dog goes. Everyone made a face and said "I carry it". 

     I began the process of designing a useful  pouch to hold the filled poop bag, but life also threw a lot of poop my way and I had a lot to over come. I am now ready to get word of my pooches out to the masses and help dogs conceal their poop!
     At present, when my dogs go, the bag(s) goes in the Poopie Pouch, my hands are free and clean, I can enjoy the rest of my walk, my dogs are happy because I am happy and I don't cut the walk short

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